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Dec 2, 2013 3:30pm PST
sector. i want to point out that today was down while was up. even the private sector is not perfect. we're making progress, and i'm proud of it. we have bill burton, who used to work in the obama white house, and we have the former governor from maryland, bob you recall c ehrlich. and brag on your book. check out the book. but look, you talk about hope and change. >> it's a slogan. >> we're all for success. >> if you're for success, why won't you stand with us? >> we're grading on a curve? i wish we had this curve in law school. i needed the curve. >> listen, we have made real progress. we're moving toward, i feel lying the healthier this gets, the sicker you guys look. this is fixable. >> and we're fixing it. >> that's the bad news. this is the part that's fixable. now we'll get to the numbers, to middle america, the middle class, we'll get to a sticker shock. >> you mean, the middle dallas will finally stop being discriminated against? kids will be able to get health care? >> higher deductibles, and you loose your doctor. >> in the private sector, the first
Dec 6, 2013 3:30pm PST
to know you and your unique health needs. then we help create a personalized healthcare experience that works for you. and you. and you. with 50 years of know-how, and a dedicated network of doctors, health coaches, and wellness experts, we're a partner you can rely on -- today, and tomorrow. we're going beyond insurance to become your partner in health. humana. >>> we're back. >> 200 admit especially after our exchange that we just had. in the number were 1.5 billion jobs that were saved because of the auto rescue. you have to admit it was a good thing. >> i think that what helped the auto industry was actually bankruptcy. so it wasn't spending their way out of the problem. it was the bankruptcy process itself that allowed people to get rid of assets that were no longer performing and to keep the assets that were. >> my final question is about income equality. as a progressive, aren't you a little disappointed? >> i'm very pleased the president has started to make this a big issue. two days ago i was at a speech he gave which talked about the problems, not just that some people we
Dec 3, 2013 3:30pm PST
to access yesterday and go all the way through the process. we've had half a million people between folks who signed up for medicaid and folks who signed up for private health care insurance through the exchanges be able to get all the way through the process in just the first month. you, if you're asking me, are we going to have our candidates run on whether or not insurance companies should be able to drop people or deny them coverage for pre-existing conditions or that seniors should be able to get access to a wellness visit for free without a co-pay or deductible or whether lifetime caps should be applied to policies like republicans would do or like breast cancer survivors like me should be able to get access to mammograms or clon skopys -- if you are asking whether -- >> which candidate? >> i let you finish. as opposed to the republicans who almost 50 times have tried to fully repeal or modify, almost completely, the affordable care act and deny people all of those things. >> tell me which -- >> and shut the government down. >> which candidate that's running for the un
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3